The Rosecomb Bantam
The Rosicrucian Dream Book: Containing Solutions of Over Three Thousand Different Dreams
The Rosenberger Family of Montgomery County: Historical and Genealogical
The Rosenkrans Family in Europe and America
The Rose of the Winds: The Origin and Development of the Compass-Card
Hints on Landscape Gardening
The Legends of the Panjab
Commentaries Upon International Law
The Roman Catacombs: Or Some Account of the Burial Places of the Early
The Roman Empire: B. C. 29 A. D. 476
The Roller Canary: Its Breeding, Rearing, and Training
Blue Print Reading: Interpreting Working Drawings
Bluebeard's Keys and Other Stories
Blount Tempest
Blue Waters and Green: And the Far East Today
The Rock Tombs of El Amarna: Smaller Tombs and Boundary Stelae
The Road to Ruin: A Comedy in Five Acts
The Rocks of Deer Creek: Harford County, Maryland; Their Legends and History
The Rock-Cut Temples of India
The Robbers' Cave
The Roman Forum, Its History and Its Monuments
The Roman Triumvirates: With a Map
The Roman Republic and the Founder of the Empire
The Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal
Cumulative Harmony
Philosophy Fun of Algebra
The Religion of Plutarch: A Pagan Creed of Apostolic Times; An Essay
Terrorism and Communism: A Contribution to the Natural, History of Revolution
Rogers Machinists Guide: A Practical; Illustrated Treatise on Modern Machine Shop Practice
Jesuit Education: Its History and Principles Viewed in the Light of Modern Educational Problems
Robert of Chester's Latin Translation of the Algebra of Alkhowarizmi
Dehydrating Foods, Fruits, Vegetables, Fish and Meats
Sketches of British Insects: A Handbook for Beginners in the Study of Entomology
The Ancient Cubit and Our Weights and Measures
The Essentials of Spiritual Unity
Supposes and Jocasta
The Giaour: A Fragment of a Turkish Tale
The Antichrist Legend
Edith Cavell, Her Life Story
Blood Covenant: A Primitive Rite and Its Bearings on Scripture
Bloomington, Illinois: Before and After the Great Fire of June 19, 1900
The River War: An Historical Account of the Reconquest of the Soudan
The Road to Liege: The Path of Crime, August 1914
Mighty Mikko: A Book of Finnish Fairy Tales and Folk Tales
Kosciuszko: A Biography
Bohemia in London
Bohemian Life: Or the Autobiography of a Tramp
Boenninghausen's Essay on the Homoeopathic Treatment of Intermittent Fevers
The Ritschlian Theology: And the Evangelical Faith
The Rivals: A Tale of the Times of Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton
The Ritual of Eldad Ha-Dani: Reconstructed and Edited From Manuscripts and a Genizah Fragment
Bolivians of to-Day
Bonifacius: An Essay to Do Good
Bolshevik Russia
Structural Engineering: Stresses, Graphical Statics and Masonry
Inspired Talks
Journey to the World Under Ground: Being the Subterraneous Travels of Niels Klim
Boiler Chemistry and Feed Water Supplies
Bohemian Poems: Ancient and Modern, Translated From the Original Slaonic, With an Introductory Essay
Bohemond I, Prince of Antioch
Bohemians in Central Kansas
Gems of Chinese Literature
Dashed Against the Rock: A Romance of the Coming Age
Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal: January-February, 1874
Danish Fairy Folk Tales: A Collection of Popular Stories and Fairy Tales
Book of Mormon Talks
Cleopatra's Needle: A History of the London Obelisk, With an Exposition of the Hieroglyphics
Book of Etiquette
Book of Common Prayer: According to the Use of King's Chapel, Boston
Blasters' Handbook
Blanc Mont: Meuse-Argonne-Champagne
Blackwood's Magazine: January-June, 1921
The Romance of the Beaver
The Romance of Commerce
The Romance of the South Seas
The Romance of Victor Hugo and Juliette Drouet
The Romance of Davis Mountains and Big Bend Country: A History
Bobbie, General Manager: A Novel
Bobbins of Belgium: A Book of Belgian Lace, Lace-Workers, Lace-Schools and Lace-Villages
Bob, Son of Battle
Bodines, or Camping on the Lycoming: A Complete Practical Guide to "Camping Out"
His Last Bow a Reminiscence of Sherlock Holmes
Plane Algebraic Curves
Introduction to the Elementary Functions
Calvary (a Novel)
Keely and His Discoveries: Aerial Navigation
Solomon Juneau: A Biography
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, And, the Vision of Sir Launfal
The Rise and Progress of Hydropathy in England and Scotland
The Royal Fusiliers in the Great War
The Royal Forests of England
The Royal Baker and Pastry Cook: A Manual of Practical Cookery
The Royal Families of England, Scotland, and Wales: With Their Descendants, Sovereigns and Subjects
The Royal Navy: A History From the Earliest Times to the Present
The Royal Chronicle of Abyssinia, 1769-1840
In My Vicarage Garden and Elsewhere
The History of Yachting
My Life in China and America
The Rise of Our East African Empire: Early Efforts in Nyasaland and Uganda
The Rise of Internationalism
The Rise of English Culture
The Rise of Christendom
The Rise of Rail-Power: In War and Conquest, 1833 1914; With a Bibliography
The Rights of Women: A Comparative Study in History and Legislation
The Right to Be Lazy and Other Studies
Spinoza: A Handbook to the Ethics
Education and Psychology
Storm and Sunshine in South Africa: With Some Personal and Historical Reminiscences
Johann Sebastian Bach: His Work and Influence on the Music of Germany, 1685-1750
The Horsewoman: A Practical Guide to Side-Saddle Riding
Bookbinders and Their Craft
Book-Keeping by Single and Double Entry: A Text-Book for Schools
Book Repair and Restoration: A Manual of Practical Suggestions for Bibliophiles
Beitrage zur Geschichte der Erziehung und des Unterrichts in Preussen: Das Preussische Garnisonschulwesen
Beleaguered in Peking: The Boxer's War Against the Foreigner
Beitrage zur Indischen Erotik: Das Liebesleben des Sanskritvolkes
Belgian Democracy: Its Early History
Last Days of Immanuel Kant: And Other Writings
Essays Addresses on the Philosophy of Religion
The Elder or Poetic Edda: Commonly Known as Saemund's Edda
Jerusalem: A Novel
Child Study and Child Training
The Coming Race: Or, the New Utopia
The Idyll of the White Lotus
Practical Aids in Teaching English Grammar Composition and Spelling
Meaning and Change of Meaning: With Special Reference to the English Language
Seas and Lands
The Right Honourable Sir James Stephen
The Right Honourable Arthur Macmurrough Kavanagh: A Biography
The Right of Property and the Ownership of Land
The Right Princess
The Right of American Slavery
Bookless Lessons: For the Teacher-Mother
Bookbinding, and the Care of Books: A Handbook for Amateurs, Bookbinders Librarians
Books for Young Girls: The Polly Pendleton Series
Bookkeeping and Accounting
Botanic Drugs: Their Materia Medica, Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Bossuet: Historien du Protestantisme
Botanical Names of the Wild Flowers: What They Mean; How Pronounced
Born Again: Or the Romance of a Dual Life
Boswelliana: The Commonplace Book of James Boswell; With a Memoir and Annotations
Borghese: An Illustrated Catalog
Boots at the Swan: A Farce in One Act
Books of Secrets: A Paper Read Before the Bibliographical Society, April 21, 1913
The Rising Son: Or, the Antecedents and Advancement of the Colored Race
The Rise of the London Money Market: 1640 1826
The Rise of the Republic of the United States
The Rising of 1745: With a Bibliography of Jacobite History 1689-1788
The Rhetoric of Music: Harmony, Counterpoint, Musical Form
The Revolutionary Journal: Of Col. Jeduthan Baldwin, 1775-1778
The Revolution in Constantinople and Turkey: A Diary
The Revolt of the Field
The Revolutionary Services of John Greenwood of Boston and New York: 1775-1783
The Rhetoric of Aristotle: A Translation
The Rhode Island Red: Its History, Breeding, Management, Exhibition, and Judging
The Rhode Island Signers of the Declaration of Independence: Stephen Hopkins, And, William Ellery
The Rhymester, or the Rules of Rhyme: A Guide to English Versification
The Riddle of the Universe: At the Close of the Nineteenth Century
The Riddles of Hamlet and the Newest Answers
The Rig Veda and Vedic Religion
The Riddle of the Bacchae: The Last Stage of Euripides Religious Views
How the Disciples Began and Grew: A Short History of the Christian Church
Quests Old and New
The Golden Bough: A Study in Comparative Religion
School and Home Gardens
Boundaries and Landmarks: A Practical Manual
Bowling Analyzed
Bounds on Scattering Phase Shifts for Compound Systems
Boutwell's Ready Reference Book and Pocket Memoranda for Natick
Chuang Tzu: Mystic, Moralist, and Social Reformer
Botany for High Schools and Colleges
Botany for Beginners: An Introduction to Mrs. Lincoln's Lectures on Botany
Both Sides of the Veil a Personal Experience
Botany: Polypetalae, Gamopetalae
Botany: An Elementary
Boule De Suif: And Other Stories
Bottom or Float-Fishing
Electrical Engineering: An Elementary Text-Book
Studies in Magic, From Latin Literature
Logic: Or the Science of Inference
The Return of Christ
The Return of the King: Discourses on the Latter Days
The Return From Parnassus, 1606
The Revision of the English Version of the New Testament
The Revolt of the Angels: A Translation by Mrs. Wilfrid Jackson
The Review of Reviews for Australasia: Sept., 1906
The Revival of Aristocracy
The Philosophy of Human Nature: Translated From the Chinese, With Notes
The Revolt Against Civilization: The Menace of the Under Man
The Defence of Terrorism: Terrorism and Communism; A Reply to Karl Kautsky
Common Praise: Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs; For Use in the Church of England
Life of Richard Trevithick: With an Account of His Inventions
The Restoration Movement of the Nineteenth Century
The Results of Slavery
The Restored Pronunciation of Greek and Latin: With Tables and Practical Illustrations
The Resurrection of Hungary: A Parallel for Ireland
The Rest House
The Resurrection of the Body: Does the Bible Teach It?
The Restored Pronunciation of Greek and Latin: With Tables and Practical Explanations
Bread From Stones
Bread Making and Bread Baking
Breakfast Table Chat
Breaking Into Print: An Editor's Advice on Writing
Breaking and Riding: With Military Commentaries
The Renewal of Life: Lectures, Chiefly Clinical
The Reminiscences of Albert Pell: Sometime M. P. For South Leicestershire
The Reminiscences of Carl Schurz: 1852-1863
The Renaissance: Savonarola Cesare Borgia Julius II. Leo X. Michael Angelo
The Removal of the Cherokee Indians From Georgia
The Renaissance in India: Its Missionary Aspect
The Remaking of a Mind: A Soldier's Thoughts on War and Reconstruction
The Religious Thought, of the Greeks, From Homer to the Triumph of Christianity
Forty Minutes Late and Other Stories, 1909
Gitanjali: And Fruit-Gathering
The Parables of Judgment
History of Berlin: Connecticut
The Republic of Plato: Books I-V
The Reorganisation of Industry Series; II: Some Problems of Urban and Rural Industry
The Reporters Gallery
The Rephaim: And Their Connection With Egyptian History
History of Germany in the Nineteenth Century
The Making of Character, Some Educational Aspects of Ethics
Egypt and Scythia
The Ideals of the East: With Special Reference to the Art of Japan
Medical Chaos and Crime
Manual of Simple and Double Counterpoint
Bradley's Kindergarten Material and School Aids
Brahms: With Illustrations and Portraits
Brain and Personality: Or the Physical Relations of the Brain to the Mind
Braille Review
Brantford "Ideal" Gas and Gasoline Engines: Instruction Book
Braley Genealogy: The Descendants of Roger Braley, 1696-1913
Brainwashing the Story of Men Who Defied It
Branch and Bound Methods for Combinatorial Problems
Brain Power for Business Men
Branches That Run, Over the Wall: A Book of Mormon Poem, and Other Writings
Out of the Dark, Essays, Letters, and Addresses, on Physical and Social Vision
Studies in Islamic Poetry
Dr. J. B: Cranfill's Chronicle; A Story of Life in Texas
The Masterbuilder: A Drama in Three Acts
The Nature of Truth: An Essay
History of the Franks
Box Furniture: How to Make a Hundred Useful Articles for the Home
Boxing and Self Defense Taught by the Marshall Stillman Principle
Boy Scouts of America: A Handbook of Woodcraft, Scouting, and Life-Craft
Boy Scouts of America: The Official Handbook for Boys
Boxing, and how to train
Boxborough; A New England Town and Its People: Compiled for the Middlesex County History
Boy's Book of Pirates
Boys' Livestock Judging Contest
Boys and Girls, of Colonial Days
Boyology: Or Boy Analysis
Maxwell's Theory and Wireless Telegraphy
Early Life and Letters of General Thomas J. Jackson, "Stonewall" Jackson
Recollections of a Maryland Confederate Soldier and Staff Officer Under Johnston, Jackson and Lee
Britain and the Empire
Britain in the Middle Ages a History for Beginners
The Republic of the Southern Cross: And Other Stories
The Republic of Plato: Translated Into English With Introduction, Analysis Marginal Analysis, and Index
The Republic of the Future: Or Socialism a Reality
The Republic of Republics: Or, American Federal Liberty
The Republic of Plato: With Studies for Teachers
Brereton: A Family History
Breguet, 1747-1823
The Revelation of Jesus: A Study of the Primary Sources of Christianity
The Revelation: An Analysis and Exposition of the Last Book of the Bible
The Revelation of the Holy Spirit
Bravest of the Brave: Captain Charles De Langlade
Briefe von Wilhelm von Humboldt an eine Freundin
Briefe der Bruder Grimm
Brass Tacks: Capsule Optimism
Brier-Patch Philosophy
Breath of the Jungle
Breckie, His Four Years: 1914-1918
Breeding Racehorses: By the Figure System
The Heimskringla: A History of the Norse Kings
The Poems of Alexander Lawrence Posey
Preservation of Food: Storing, Canning, Drying and Fermentation
Silk and the Silk Worm: A Complete Book of Instruction on Silk Culture Instruction
British Mountain Climbs
British Labour Delegation to Russia, 1920: Report
British North America: 1763-1867
British Oak Galls
The Relations Between Ancient Russia and Scandinavia and the Origin of the Russian State
The Relevance of Kahneman and Tversky's: Concept of Framing to Organization Behavior
The Religious Orders of Islam
The Religious Instruction of the Negroes in the United States
The Religious Question in Mexico: A Reply to Senor Enriquez
The Religious Experience of Neil Currie: A Native of the Island of Arran, Scotland
The Religious Anecdotes of Scotland
The Religious Life of the Zuni Child
Letters From the Near East: 1909 and 1912
The Eagle's History of Poughkeepsie: From the Earliest Settlements, 1683 to 1905
Heal the Sick: An Appeal for Medical Missions in China
British Foreign Missions: 1837 1897
British Folk-Lore, Folk-Songs, and Singing Games
British Fungi: Hymenomycetes
British History in the Nineteenth Century 1782-1901
British Fungi (Hymenomycetes)
British Edible Fungi, How to Distinguish and How, to Cook Them: With Colo
British Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia, 1876
History of the Norwegian People
Solution of the Negro Problem
England in the Seven Years' War: A Study in Combined Strategy
Poems on Children
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Quabbin the Story of a Small Town With Outlooks Upon Puritan Life
Rapid Ramblings in Europe
The Reign of Henry VII From Contemporary Sources: Narrative Extracts
France Under Mazarin: With a Review of the Administration of Richelieu
The Reindeer and Its Domestication
The Relation of Medicine to Philosophy
The Reign of the Emperor Probus
The Destruction of Poverty
Prayers: Written at Vailim
Elements of Psychological Medicine: An Introduction to the Practical Study of Insanity
Suggestions for School and Home Projects in Agriculture
Official Guide Book of the World's Fair of 1934
The Register Book for the Parish Prince Frederick Winyaw
The Religions of Mankind
The Refugees From Slavery in Canada West: Report to the Freedmen's Inquiry Commission
The Religions and Philosophies of the East
The Religion of Zoroaster Considered in Connection With Archaic Monotheism
Poems From the Divan of Hafiz
Caleb in Town: A Story for Children
Strong Free: A Book for Young Men
Memoirs of General Count Rapp, First Aide-De-Camp to Napoleon
Legendary History of Burma and Arakan
The History of Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts
The Northumberland Fusiliers
Old Tavern Signs: An Excursion in the History of Hospitality
Prince Eugene: The Noble Knight, Translated From the German of L. Wurdig
The Early History of Southampton, L. I., New York: With Genealogies
Pentecostal Papers: Or the Gift of the Holy Ghost
Commentaries on the Laws of England: Applicable to Real Property
Studies in Dreams
In Northern Mists: Arctic Exploration in Early Times
The Christian Race and Other Sermons
History of the Sinn Fein Movement and the Irish Rebellion of 1916
Out of the Briars: An Autobiography and Sketch of the Twenty-Ninth Regiment, Connecticut Volunteers
Departed Gods: The Gods of Our Fathers
Paul, the Apostle of Jesus Christ: His Life and Work, His Epistles
Thanatopsis and Other Poems: And Other Poems
Plane and Spherical Trigonometry: And Four-Place Tables of Logarithms
Recollections of a Confederate Staff Officer
British War Dogs: Their Training and Psychology
Broken Stalks
Brittany American Cemetery and Memorial
Broad Church Theology
The Reformation, 14th-16th Century: What It Meant Then, What It Means Now
The Reformation: A Brief Exposition of Some of the Errors and Corruptions
The Reformed Presbyterian Church in Scotland: Its Origin and History, 1680-1876, With an Appendix
Cinderella, Cendrillon: A Play for Children in Four Scenes
Rutland Barrington: A Record of Thirty-Five Years Experience, on the English Stage
The Mediator: A Study of the Central Doctrine of the Christian Faith
Gloriana, or the Revolution of 1900
The Religion of the Luiseno Indians of Southern California
The Religion of the Sikhs
The Religion of the Northmen
Human Motives
Richelieu; Or, the Conspiracy: A Play in Five Acts
Finding Out God's Secrets, and 43 Other Story-Sermons
The Old Guilds of England
Soliloquies in England and Later Soliloquies
Complete Works of Oscar Wilde
Presidential Problems
The Government of American Cities
The Chemical Aspects of Silk Manufacture
Brunhild: A Tragedy From the Nibelung Saga
Bruchstucke des Evangeliums und der Apokalypse des Petrus
Bruce Rogers Designer of Books
Brown Alumni Monthly: March, 1953
Brown Men and Women: Or the South Sea Islands in 1895 and 1896
The Real Indian People: Being More Tales and Sketches of the Masses
The Real Cause of Stammering and Its Permanent Cure: A Treatise on Psycho-Analytical Lines
The Real Business of Living
The Real Cobalt: The Story of Canada's Marvellous Silver Mining Camp
The Reign of Henry VII From Contemporary Sources
The Registers of Weddington: Co; Warwick
The Real Malay: Pen Pictures
The Register of New Netherland: 1626 to 1674
The Reign of Grace: From Its Rise to Its Consummation
The Reign of Antoninus Pius
The Registers of Dewsbury, Yorkshire: 1538 to 1653
Buddhism: Its History and Literature
Buddhist Birth Stories: Or J taka Tales, the Oldest Collection of Folk-Lore Extant
Buddhism Science
Buddhist Art in India
Buddhist Birth-Stories (Jataka Tales): The Commentarial Introduction Entitled Nidana-Katha, the Story of the Lineage
British Oribatidae
British Place-Names in Their Historical Setting
British Officers: Serving in the American Revolution 1774 1783
British Policy and Opinion During, the Franco-Prussian War
British Trees
The Frank Slide Story
The Life and Adventures of Michael Armstrong: The Factory Boy
Human Nature and the Social Order
The Dewees Family: Geneaolgical Data, Biographical Facts and Historical Information
The Magistrate a Farce in Three Acts
Bessboro: A History of Westport, Essex Co;, N. Y
Bess of the Woods
Bess of Hardwick and Her Circle
St. Angela Merici: And the Ursulines
History of the Town of Pittsford, Vt: With Biographical Sketches and Family Records
Early History of West Baden and French Lick Springs and Lost River
The Divinity of Christ: In the Gospel of John
Gettysburg: And Other Poems
Brief Guide to the Bernese Oberland
Brief Sketch of the Life and Times, of the Late, Hon.: Louis Joseph Papineau
Bridge Axioms and Laws With the Change the Suit Call: Revised and Explained
The Panorama, and Other Poems
Poems and Dramas
Buffalo County, Nebraska and Its People: A Record of Settlement, Organization, Progress and Achievement
Buffalo Bill: And His Adventures in the West
Buddhist Texts From Japan
Buffalo Bill: Thrilling Adventures of Col. W. F. Cody
Buddhistische Kunst in Indien
Lectures Incarnation, Atonement, and Mediation: The Lord Jesus Christ
The Night Tide: A Story of Old Chinatown
The Ottoman and the Spanish Empires, in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
The Collected Poems of Lord Alfred Douglas
The Emerald Story Book: Stories and Legends of Spring, Nature and Easter
Buddhist Records of the Western World
The Psalms Chronologically Arranged an Amended Version: With Historical Introductions, and Explanatory Notes
Buddhist Parables Translated From the Original Pali
Building a Mail Order Business
Building a Bungalow
Builders' Hardware: A Manual for Architects, Builders and House Furnishers
The Rainbow Bridge
The Ransom of Red Chief and Other O. Henry Stories: For Boys
The Rate of Interest, Its Nature, Determination and Relation to Economic Phenomena
The Rake's Progress
The Ramayana: Translated Into English Prose From the Original Sanskrit of Valmiki; Uttarakandam
The Ramayana of Tulsi Das
The Rat-Pit
The Red Insurrection in Finland in 1918: A Study Based on Documentary Evidence
The Red Mouse: A Mystery Romance
The Rediscovered Country
The Red Mans Continent
The Red Mill: A Musical Comedy
The Red-Hot Dollar and Other Stories From the Black Cat
The Red Network: A Who's Who and Handbook of Radicalism for Patriots
The Red Runners
The Realms of the Egyptian Dead According to the Belief of the Ancient Egyptians
The Real Siberia: Together With an Account of a Dash Through Manchuria
The Real Tsaritsa
The Real Triumph of Japan the Conquest of the Silent Foe
The Reappear: A Book of Choice Recipes
The Real Ramona of Helen Hunt Jackson's Famous Novel
The Reality of Psychic Phenomena Raps, Levitations, Etc
The Racial Integrity of the American Negro
The Races, Religions, and Institutions of Turkey and the Neighboring Countries
Bulletin Display Racks for Extension Workers
Bulletin No; 11: Corundum and the Basic Magnesian Rocks of Western North Carolina
The Races of Man and Their Distribution
The Races of the Old World: A Manual of Ethnology
The Races of Europe: A Sociological Study, (Lowell Institute Lectures)
Bulletin de l'Institut Francais d'Archeologie Orientale
Bulletin, 1912
Bunyan Characters in the Pilgrim's Progress
Bunyan Characters: In the Pilgrim's Progress
Bulletin the University of Texas: Athenian Clubs in Politics and Litigation, January 8, 1913
Life of Andrew Jackson
Jeppe on the Hill: Or the Transformed Peasant; A Comedy in Five Acts
La Veuve (the Widow)
Burke and Hare
Burma: As It Was, as It Is and as It Will Be
Burke's Texas Almanac and Immigrants Handbook: With Which Is Incorporated Hanford's Texas State Register
Burma: Past and Present With Personal Reminiscences of the Country
Burke's Speech on Conciliation With America: Edited With Notes and an Introduction
The Rebirth of Europe: A Study of the Middle Age
The Rebel Scout: A Thrilling History of Scouting Life in the Southern Army
The Recollections of Geoffry Hamlyn
The Rebel Rose: A Novel
The Coming Generation
Memoirs: With Special Reference to Secession and the Civil War
The Quest of Truth, and Other Poems
The Questions of King Milinda
The Quest of the Silver Fleece: A Novel
The Queer Folk of Fife: Tales From the Kingdom
The Question of Questions: Is Christ Indeed the Saviour of the World?
British Commerce and Colonies: From Elizabeth to Victoria
British Diplomatic Correspondence Concerning the Republic of Texas, 1838 1846
British Diplomatic Instructions; 1689-1789: France, 1745-1789
British Campaigns in Africa and the Pacific, 1914-1918
British Campaigns in the Nearer East, 1914-1918
British Colonial Policy: 1754 1765
History of the Spirit Lake Massacre: And Captivity of Miss. Abbie Gardner
Living Messages of the Books of the Bible
The Homilies of S. John Chrysostom on the Gospel of St. Matthew
Meade's Headquarters, 1863-1865: Letters of Colonel Theodore Lyman From the Wilderness to Appomattox
The Enormous Room Enormous
The Aids Epidemic in San Francisco: The Medical Response 1981-1984
The Quranic Foundations and Structure of Muslim Society
The Raccolta, or Collection of Indulgenced Prayers and Good Works
Business Documents of Murashu Sons of Nippur, Dated in the Reign of Darius II
Butchers', Packers' and Sausage Makers' Red Book
Business Psychology
The Rosicrucian Mysteries: An Elementary Exposition of Their Secret Teachings
The Rosicrucian: Or Curious Things of the Outside World
The Round Table Movement: Its Past and Future
The Rosicrucians: Their Rites and Mysteries
The Rotches
The Round Towers of Ireland: Or the History of the Tuath-De-Danaans
Japanese in America
Some East Yorkshire Worthies
Korea and Irrigation
Jesus, Lover of My Soul
Buddhism in Christendom: Or Jesus, the Essene
Buddhism and Christianity: A Parallel and a Contrast
The Recollections of a Long Life
Burma With Special Reference to Her Relations With China
C. Suetoni Tranquilli Divus Augustus: Edited With Historical Introduction, Commentary, Appendices and Indices
Buddhism in Southern Asia
Cacao Culture in the West Indies
Cabin and Plantation Songs, as Sung by the Hampton Students
Cacao Culture in the Philippines
Cacao: A Treatise on the Cultivation and Curing of Cacao
Cactus and Pine: Songs of the Southwest
The Jesuits: Their Origin and Order, Morality and Practices, Suppression and Restoration
General Washington's Letters to the Marquis De Chastellux
Richard Wagner's Prose Works
Enquiry Concerning Political Justice, and Its Influence on Morals and Happiness
The Marked Bible
Memoirs Baron Cuvier
The Purple Island: A Poem
The Purchasing Power of Money: Its Determination and Relation to Credit Interest and Crises
The Puritans in Ireland (1647-1661)
The Puppet Show of Memory
The Art of Interesting, Its Theory and Practice for Speakers and Writers
The People and Close the Book: Two One-Act Plays
The Life and Letters of the Reverend Adam Sedgwick
Bronson Alcott's Fruitlands: Compiled by Clara Endicott Sears With Transcendental Wild Oats
Bronson Alcott at Alcott House, England, and Fruitlands, New England (1842-1844)
Bronte Poems
Brooke's 'Romeus and Juliet,' Being the Original of Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'
Brook Farm: Its Members, Scholars, and Visitors
C. H. Spurgeon's Prayers
Byzantine Constantinople: The Walls of the City and Adjoining Historical Sites
C. H. Spurgeon: A Biography
C. Iulii Caesaris Commentarii De Bello Gallico
C. H. Spurgeon's Autobiography, 1900: Compiled From His Diary, Letters, and Records
C. Hering's Domestic Physician
Observations of an Illinois Boy in Battle, Camp and Prisons: 1861 to 1865
Fairfield's Pioneer History of Lassen County California to 1870
History of the Lent (Van Lent) Family in the United States, Genealogical and Biographical
Robert Southey: The Story of His Life Written in His Letters
My Story of the Civil War and the Under-Ground Railroad
Burnz Phonetic Stenography, Arranged on the Basis of Isaac Pitman's Phonography
Business Arithmetic Secondary Schools
Burning Brick in Down-Draft Kilns Prepared as a Manual for the Author's Kiln Records
Burmese Self-Taught, in Burmese and Roman Characters: With Phonetic Pronunciation (Thimm's System)
The Queen of the Air: Being a Study of the Greek Myths of Cloud
The Queen's English: A Manual of Idiom and Usage
The Queen of Sheba: Her Life and Times
The Queen's Poor: Life as They Find It in Town and Country
The Queen's Necklace: Or, Royalty's Dangers and Defenders; A Historical Romance
The Queen of Sheba Her Only Son Menyelek
The Recovery of Wax and Other by-Products From Bagasse: A Thesis
The Queen of Appalachia
The Rector and the Doctor's Family
The Record of the Hampden-Sydney Alumni Association: Winter, 1967
The Record War-Time Cook Book
The Records of the Virginia Company of London: Documents, I
Buddhaghosha's Parables: Translated From Burmese
Buddha's Crystal, and Other Fairy Stories
Buddha: His Life, His Teachings, His Order; Together With the History of the Buddhism
Buddha: His Life and Teachings
Buddha: Sein Leben, Seine Lehre, Seine Gemeinde
Captain Bill McDonald, Texas Ranger: A Story of Frontier Reform
Chapters of Erie, and Other Essays
Men of the Trees
The Raw Materials of Perfumery: Their Nature, Occurrence and Employment
The Raven a Play Four Acts and a Tableau
The Ravings of a Renegade: Being the War Essays of Houston Stewart Chamberlain
The Quaker: A Study in Costume
The Quakeress
The Quakers of Iowa
The Quakers in the American Colonies
Pagan Ireland
The Lamplighter Picture Book, or the Story of Uncle True and Little Gerty
Maid of the Mill: A Comic Opera
The Ancient Stone Crosses of Dartmoor and Its Borderland
The History of Saint Augustine, Florida
The Quackenbush Family in Holland and America
The Quaker Poets of Great Britain and Ireland
The Putnam Lineage
The Pythagorean Triangle: Or the Science of Numbers
The Pyrenees
The Quadrature of the Circle: The Square Root of Two, and the Right-Angled Triangle
The Quaker Ideal
In the Heart of Cape Ann or the Story of Dogtown
Sir Theodore Broughton, or Laurel Water
Dante and Swedenborg: With Other Essays on the New Renaissance
Letters of Fyodor Michailovitch Dostoevsky to His Family and Friends
The Boer Fight for Freedom
Red Cloud: A Tale of the Great Prairie
The Journal of the Joint Committee of Fifteen on Reconstruction: 39th Congress, 1865-1867
The German Universities: And University Study
S. Gilbert
The Red Indian Fairy Book for the Children's Own Reading and for Story-Tellers
The Red Bandana: Illustrated
The Red Eagle: A Poem of the South
The Red Heart of Russia
The Red Flower: A Play of Armenia to-Day
By Eskimo Dog-Sled and Kayak: A Description of a Missionary's Experiences Adventures
Butler's Record
The Psychology of Subnormal Children
The Prosecution of Jesus: Its Date, History and Legality
Oscar Wilde and Myself
Notes on the Bedouins and Wahabys: Collected During His Travels in the East
The Lady With the Camelias
Nellie Brown, or the Jealous Wife: With Other Sketches
Memoirs of Mrs. Abigail Bailey, Who Had Been the Wife of Major Asa Bailey
The Origin and Growth of the Moral Instinct
Shakespeare's "Hamlet"
English Roots, and the Derivation of Words From the Ancient Anglo-Saxon: Two Lectures
Letters Written During a Short Residence in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark
Mireio: A Provencal Poem
The Psychology of Dementia Praecox
The Psychology of Courage
The Broken Home: Or Lessons in Sorrow
Facing Danger
Paragraph-Writing: A Rhetoric for Colleges
Division and Reunion
The Dying Hours of Good and Bad Men Contrasted
The Psalmody of the Church: Its Authors, Singers, and Uses
The Psalmist and the Scientist, or Modern Value of the Religious Sentiment
The Psalms: Their History, Teachings, and Use
The Psychology of the Negro: An Experimental Study
The Public Ministry and Pastoral Methods of Our Lord
Behemoth or the Long Parliament
Caesar and Cleopatra a Page of History
Caesar's Helvetian War: Adapted for the Use of Beginners
Household Textiles
The Battle of Somme
The Idea of the Soul
The Latin Language: A Historical Outline of Its Sounds, Inflections, and Syntax
Historical German Grammar
The Last Great Naval War: An Historical Retrospect
The Anti-Slavery Movement
History of Northampton, Massachusetts: From Its Settlement in 1654
Military Geography for Professionals and the Public
The Provinces of the Roman Empire From Caesar to Diocletian
The Protocols, Bolshevism and the Jews: An Address to Their Fellow-Citizens
The Proverbs of John Heywood
The Proverbs of Wales: A Collection of Welsh Proverbs, With English Translations
The Proud Possessors: The Lives, Times, and Tastes of Some Adventurous American Art Collectors
The Protestant Reformation: How It Was Brought About in Various Lands
California's Mission Tour: A Motoring Guide With Maps and Sketches
California Coast Trails: A Horseback Ride From Mexico to Oregon
California Missions and Landmarks: El Camino Real
California Mexican-Spanish Cookbook
Calculus of Finite Differences
Calculus and Probability: For Actuarial Students
Calcutta University Calendar, 1863-64
Calm Yourself
Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges
Calvin Coolidge: His First Biography; From Cornerstone to Capstone to the Accession
Calvary to Pentecost
Calvinism: Six Lectures Delivered in the Theological Seminary at Princeton
Calvinism: The Origin and Safeguard of Our Constitutional Liberties
Camion Cartoons
Cameos: Short Stories
Camille Desmoulins: A Biography
Camera Knowledge for the Photoplaywright
Cambridge Legal Studies
Camoens: His Life and His Lusiads: A Commentary
Cambridge: A Brief Study in Social Questions
Camoens His Life and His Lusiads: A Commentary
Camille Desmoulins and His Wife: Passages From the History of the Dantonists
The Soul of the Indian: An Interpretation
The Soul of Ann Rutledge Abraham Lincoln's Romance
The Soul of Man Under Socialism; The Socialist Ideal Art; The Coming Solidarity
The Soul of Germany: A Twelve Years Study of the People From Within, 1902-14
The Soul of Russia
Can Telepathy Explain?: Results of Psychical Research
By Order of the Czar: A Novel
Byways of Ghost-Land
Bygone Liverpool
Byzantine Agreement by Distributed Randomization in 0(log N) Rounds
Calendar of Documents Relating to Scotland: Preserved in Her Majesty's Public Record Office, London
Calendar of the Madras Despatches: 1744-1755
The Psychology of Musical Talent
The Psychology of Persuasion
The Psychology of Laughter
The Psychology of Insanity
The Psychology of Jingoism
Call Down the Storm
Callista: A Sketch of the Third Century
California: A Pleasure Trip From Gotham to the Golden Gate, (April, May, June, 1877)
Call to Action: An Interpretation of the Great Uprising, Its Source and Causes
Clinic Manual of Mental Diseases: For Practitioners and Students
Golden Deeds in Character Education
The Poets and Poetry of Munster
Froebel's Letters on the Kindergarten
How to Stay Young
Pine Knot a Story of Kentucky Life
Man Mortal
Shanghaied Into the European War
Letters From India and Kashmir: Written 1870
The Enchafed Flood: Or the Romantic Iconography of the Sea
Fedora: A Lyric Drama
Canute the Great: And the Rise of Danish Imperialism During the Viking Age
Canzoni d'Amore e Madrigali
Canon and Text of the New Testament
Cantos de Amor: Poesias Selectas de los Mejores Autores Argentinos Enrique E. Rivarola
Geneva Catechism: Entitled Catechism, or Instruction on the Christian Religion
Infoldings and Unfoldings of the Divine Genius in Nature and Man
Siam: A Handbook of Practical, Commercial, and Political Information
Historical Notes on the Employment of Negroes in the American Army of the Revolution
Susan Lenox: Her Fall and Rise; With a Portrait of the Author
The Meaning and Value of Life
The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner: Written by Himself
The Private Memoirs of Madame Du Hausset: Lady's Maid to Madame De Pompadour
The Privateers
The Private Sector and Skill Formation in the United States: A Survey
The Probabilistic Minimum Spanning Tree Problem: Complexity and Combinatorial Properties
The Private Life of the Queen, by a Member of the Royal Household
The Private Soldier Under Washington
The Private Palaces of London: Past and Present
The Problem of Negro Education
The Prodigal Son: A Comedy in One Act
The Processes of Pure Photography
Petrarch's Letters to Classical Authors
Coffee and a Love Affair: An American Girl's Romance on a Coffee Plantation
The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Reprinted Pieces, and Other Stories
The Pilgrims First Year in New England
The Battle of April 19, 1775: In Lexington, Concord, Lincoln, Arlington, Cambridge, Somerville
Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States
The History of Protective Tariff Laws
Letters and Diary of Alan Seeger, 1917
Practical Wisdom: Letters to Young Men
Memoirs of the Duke of Rovigo: M. Savary
The Life of William McKinley
Cape of Good Hope: Report of the Select Committee on the Contagious Diseases Act
Capital a Critique of Political Economy
Cape Vincent and Its History
Cape Verde Islands
Capital: A Critique of Political Economy; The Process of Capitalist Production
Capital: A Critical Analysis of Capitalist Production
Selections From the Writings of Kierkegaard
The Ministry of the Lord Jesus
St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland
The Laws of Imitation
The Blue Bird: A Fairy Play in Five Acts
The Adventures of a Nature Guide
Candidates-in-Waiting: A Manual of Home Preparation for Foreign Missionary Work
Canary Birds: A Manual of Useful and Practical Information for Bird Keepers
Candlelight Tea: A Book of Recipes
Candy-Making Revolutionized Confectionery From Vegetables: Confectionery From Vegetables
Cannibals All! Or Slaves Without Masters
Canning, Preserving, Pickling and Fruit Desserts
Canned Salmon Recipes
Canning Peaches on the Farm
For God and Country: Or the Christian Pulpit in War-Time
The Prophet Joel: An Exposition
The Proofs of the Truths of Spiritualism
The Prophecies of Daniel Expounded
The Prophecies of the Brahan Seer: Coinneach Odhar Fiosaiche
The Last Will and Testament of Cecil John Rhodes: With Elucidatory Notes
Opera Synopses: A Guide to the Plots and Characters of the Standard Operas
The Log of the Snark
Caste: An Original Comedy in Three Acts
Cases of Deformity From Burns, Successfully Treated by Plastic Operations
Cases of Treason
Cash and Credit
General Philip Reed and Caulk's Field Memorial
Life Lines Poems
Patrick Henry: Life, Correspondence and Speeches
The Principles and Practice of Textile Printing
The Principles and Progress of English Poetry: With Representative Masterpieces and Notes
The Principles and Practice of Canal and River Engineering
The Principle of Relativity: With Applications to Physical Science
The Principle of Relativity: Original Papers by An; Einstein and H. Minkowski
The Proof of the Gospel Being the Demonstratio Evangelica of Eusebius of Caesarea
The Pronunciation of English: Phonetics and Phonetic Transcriptions
The Promulgation of Universal Peace
The Progress of Slavery in the United States
The Progress of Physics, During 33 Years (1875-1908)
The Progress of Philosophy: In the Past and in the Future
The Professor: A Tale
The Progress of Marine Engineering, From the Time of Watt Until the Present Day
The Progress of Invention in the Nineteenth Century
The Profitable Culture of Vegetables: For Market Gardeners, Small Holders, and Others
Cartas a Eugenia
Carpentry Mechanics for Boys: Up-to-the-Minute Handicraft
Carpentry for Boys, in Simple Language
Carranza and Mexico
Carpet Manufacture
Catalog of Ladies Desks: For Wardrobes and Costumers, Inquire for Our Wardrobe Catalog
Casuals of the Sea: The Voyage of a Soul
Casuals in the Caucasus: The Diary of a Sporting Holiday
Castle Dangerous
The Principles of Design
The Principles of Forensic Medicine: Systematically Arranged, and Applied to British Practice
The Principles of Courtesy: With Hints and Observations on Manners and Habits
The Principles of Empirical or Inductive Logic
The Principles of Electrotherapy: And Their Practical Application
The Principles of Equity and Equity Pleading
The Principles of Knowledge: With Remarks on the Nature of Reality
The Principles of Copper Smelting
The Borough: A Poem, in Twenty-Four Letters
India in the Victorian Age: An Economic History of the People
The Neutrals Portion: A Romance of the Middle West
The Letters of Madame De Sevigne to Her Daughter and Friends
Rio Grande Do Sul: And Its German Colonies
Camping Out
Campfire Cookery for Soldiers, Scouts, Campers, Hikers, Hotels, Restauranters, Boarding Houses, Auto Tourist
Campbell's Abstract of Creek Indian Census Cards and Index
Campaigns of Curiosity, 1894: Journalistic Adventures of an American Girl in London
No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority
Rosalind and Helen: A Modern Eclogue; With Other Poems
Norse Myth in English Poetry
Dr. Sun Yat-Sen: His Life and Achievements
Letters of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy From Italy and Switzerland
Hallelujah Army
Susan Proudleigh
The Principles of Animal Nutrition: With Special Reference to the Nutrition of Farm Animals
The Principles of Argumentation: Revised and Augmented
The Principles of Bacteriology
The Principles of Chess in Theory Practice
The Principles of Auditing: A Practical Manual for Students and Practitioners
The Principles of Argumentation
The Principles of Agriculture and Vegetation
The British Campaign in France and Flanders: 1916
The Church of the First Days: Lectures on the Acts of the Apostles
The Early History of Galveston
The Prince of Wales Eastern
The Prince of Peace Meditations
The Prince: And Other Pieces
The Prince De Ligne: His Memoirs, Letters, and Miscellaneous Papers
The Prince of Pilsen: A Musical Comedy in Two Acts
Christians and the Theater
Hypnotism and Disease: A Plea for Rational Psychotherapy
The Preservation of Food: From the "Aus Der Natur" Of Abel
The Presidency Its Duties, Its Powers, Its Opportunities, and Its Limitations: Three Lectures
The Press and the General Staff
The President's Message: 1887
The Presidents I Have Known: From 1860-1918
The Little Black Princess: A True Tale of Life in the Never-Never Land
Love and Justice: Selections From the Shorter Writings of Reinhold Niebuhr
Reminiscences of General Sir Thomas Makedougall Brisbane
Captain Jeff: Or Frontier Life in Texas With the Texas Rangers
Captain Blood: His Odyssey
Captain Allen Gardiner of Patagonia
Cartier: Sails the St. Lawrence
Case-Study Possibilities: A Forecast
Caruso's Method of Voice Production: The Scientific Culture of the Voice
Case of General Fitz-John Porter: Mr. Choates Argument for Petitioner; West Point, 1879
Catalogue de l'Oeuvre de Leonard de Vinci
Catalogue and Price List of Jewel Stoves and Ranges
Catalogue of a Collection of Oriental Porcelain and Pottery: Lent for Exhibition
Catalogue "F"
Catalogue of an Important Collection of Antique Historical Lamps, Candlesticks, Lanterns, Relics, Etc
Real Property: Mortgage and Wakf; According to Ottoman Law
The Bible in Korea: Or the Transformation of a Nation
On the Treatment of Diseases of the Nervous System
The Book of Daniel Unlocked
Osteopathy Complete
Open Air Schools
Catalogue of Egyptian Scarabs, Etc: In the British Museum
Catalogue of Coins in the Punjab Museum, Lahore: Indo-Greek Coins
Catalogue of Greek Etruscan and Roman Vases
Catalogue of Bellhangers' and Locksmiths' Supplies, 1889
The Principles of Logic, for High Schools
The Principles of Natural and Politic Law
The Principles of Outlining: For Colleges and Advanced Classes in Secondary Schools
The Principles of Mechanical Refrigeration: A Study Course for Operating Engineers
The Principles of Mathematics
The Problem of Pain in Nature: With Seven Illustrations
The Problem of the Commonwealth
The Problem of the Obelisks, From a Study of the Unfinished, Obelisk at Aswan
The Private Devotions and Manual for the Sick of Launcelot Andrews, Bishop of Winchester
Care of Food in the Home
Care and Management of Rabbits
Care and Repair of Gas and Oil Engines
Caricatures by Tom Tit
Careers for the Coming Men
Carl Friedrich Gauss: A Memorial
Care and Training of Trotters and Pacers: The Horseman Library
Carmel in America: A Centennial History of the Discalced Carmelites in the United States
Carleton's Hand-Book of Popular Quotations
Carlo Crivelli
Catalogue of the Collection of Arabic Coins: Preserved in the Khedivial Library at Cairo
Catalogue of the Imperial Byzantine Coins: In the British Museum
Catalogue of the Medals of Scotland: From the Earliest Period to the Present Time
Catalogue of the Morse Collection of Japanese Pottery
Catalogue of the Library of the North China Branch Royal Asiatic Society
Sapho; Parisian Manners
Pollock Genealogy
The Education of Character
The British Campaign in France and Flanders: January to July 1918
Learning to Read: Suggestions to Teachers of Young Children
Catechism of Musical Aesthetics
Catechism of the Locomotive
Catechism of the Council of Trent: Published by Command of Pope Pius the Fifth
Catechism of the Council of Trent: Translated Into English With Notes, Etc
Catechism of Karl Marx's Capital: A Critical Analysis of Capitalist
The Causation and Treatment of Psychopathic Diseases
The Mystic Way: A Psychological Study in Christian Origins
The Capture of Fort Fisher: And What It Accomplished
Colonel Peter a Porter: A Memorial Delivered Before the Century in December, 1864
My Mother and I
The Intoxicated Ghost, and Other Stories
History of Indiana
Sketches of America and Americans
Representative Men of Japan Essays
Goblin Market: And Other Poems
Canadian Kodak Co;, Limited Trade Circular, 1916: Vols; 12-18
Canadian Born
The Principles Underlying Radio Communication
The Printing of Greek in the Fifteenth Century
The Principles Operation and Products of the Blast Furnace
The Principal Catholic Practices: A Popular Explanation of the Sacraments and Catholic Devotions
The Princess of Poverty: Saint Clare of Assisi and the Order of Poor Ladies
Heroic Serbia
The Life of Frederic William Farrar: Sometime Dean of Canterbury
Letters From the Backwoods and the Adirondac
Marriage Laws and Statutory Experiments in Eugenics in the United States
The Life of Blessed Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows: Gabriel Possenti
Military Vocabulary: German-English and English-German
Numenius of Apamea, the Father of Neo-Platonism: Works, Biography, Message, Sources, and Influence
Carpentry for Beginners Things to Make
Caroline Schlegel and Her Friends
Logic: In Three Books, of Thought, of Investigation, and of Knowledge
The Golden Age: Illustrated by Maxfield Parrish
The Christian Life and Virtues Considered in the Religious State
The Mathematical Theory of Probabilities: And Its Application to Frequency Curves and Statistical Methods
The Magna Charta and Other Great Charters of England: With an Historical
The Appeal Court Reports, 1909
The Life of the Rev. Charles Wesley
Clinical Osteopathy
The History of Pennsylvania
The Man Without a Country: A Play
The Gathas: Of Zarathustra (Zoroaster) In Metre and Rhythm
Martin Van Buren: Lawyer, Statesman and Man
Catalogue of Sheet Music and Music Books, for the Zither
Catalogue of Netsuke: Ney Wolfskill Loan Collection
Catalogue of the Chicago Cottage Organ Company
Catalogue of Standard-Bred Trotting Stock at Highland View Farm
The Psychic Structures at the Goligher Circle
The Psalter of the Great Bible of 1539: A Landmark in English Literature
The Psalter: With Music
The Psychological Methods of Testing Intelligence
Caw Caw, or the Chronicle of Crows: A Tale of the Spring-Time
The Prisoner of Chillon: With Selections From Childe Harold and Mazeppa
The Prisoner of Chillon: And Other Poems
The Prisoner of the King: Thoughts on the Catholic Doctrine of Purgatory
The Principles of the Art of Conversation
The Principles of the Transformer
The Principles of the International Phonetic Association
Pellagra History, Distribution, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Treatment, Etiology
Seaweeds From the Shores of Nantucket
Hamlet: Parallel Texts of the First and Second Quartos and the First Folio
The Metamorphosis of Ovid: Literally Translated With Notes and Explanations
The Big Game of Africa
Dictionary and Grammar of the Language of Sa a and Ulawa, Solomon Islands
Organic Chemistry: The Fatty Compounds
The Letters of William Blake
Miracles and Christianity
The Cornish Ballads With Other Poems
The Life of Alexander Hamilton
Rumania's Sacrifice: Her Past, Present, and Future
Prairie Born and Other Poems
Pictures of Hellas, Five Tales of Ancient Greece
Capture of Fort Fisher, North Carolina: Jan; 15, 1865
Captain Mary Miller: A Drama
Captain Streeter Pioneer
Captain Nathaniel Brown Palmer: An Old-Time Sailor of the Sea
Captain Otway Burns: Patriot, Privateer and Legislator
Captain Shannon
Carducci: A Selection of His Poems, With Verse Translations, Notes, and Three Introductory Essays
Cardinal Newman: And the Encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis
Care and Management of Orchards
Cardiphonia, or the Utterance of the Heart: In the Course of a Real Correspondence
Cardiff, Notes: Picturesque and Biographical
Carbon Black, Its Manufacture, Properties, and Uses
Census of India, 1901: Coorg; Report and Tables
Centennial Historical Address: Delivered at Ravenna, Portage Co., Ohio, July 4th, 1876
Centenary Sketch of William P. Chilton
Centennial Celebration: 4th July, 1876 at Shelbyville, Bedford County, Tenn
The Power of Self-Suggestion
The Power of the Will, or Success
The Power of Purpose
Cato's Farm Management: Eclogues From the De Re Rustica of M. Porcius Cato
Causas y Consecuencias, Antecedentes Diplomaticos y Efectos de la Guerra Hispanoamericana
Cavalry Its History and Tactics
Catullus in the Xivth Century
Causes of the Civil War in America
Cavalry Drill Regulations: United States Army, Adopted Oct, 3, 1891
The Practice of Autosuggestion: By the Method of Emile Coue; Revised Edition
The Practice of Diplomacy: As Illustrated in the Foreign Relations of the United States
The Practice and Applied Therapeutics of Osteopathy: Revised
The Practice of Christian and Religious Perfection
The Preparation of the Incarnation
The Prescriber: A Dictionary of the New Therapeutics
The Prelude: Or Growth of a Poet's Mind; An Autobiographical Poem
The Prefabrication of Houses
The Present State of the Daniel Controversy

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